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Our partners

We are always on the lookout for new partners to bring you exciting offers, so this list will keep growing as we find more cool and arty people to work with us…

(If you would like to become a partner please email us at

Aesthetica is a British art and culture magazine founded in 2002, and one of the leading publications in the arts sector. It covers photography, visual art, music, film and theatre and its primary focus is on contemporary art.
Aesthetica also organises every year the Aesthetica Art Prize with artists from around the world, Future Now: the Aesthetica Art Prize Symposium, and the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.
Visit their website

Your offers as an Artillery member:
– 1 free magazine when you join
– 35% off your yearly subscription to the magazine
– discounted entry to Aesthetica Short Film Festival events 

York Art Gallery
York Art Gallery’s collection of paintings spans more than 600 years and works range from 14th century Italian panels and 17th century Dutch masterpieces to Victorian narrative paintings and 20th century works by LS Lowry and David Hockney. It also holds the most extensive and representative collection of British Studio Ceramics.
York Art Gallery recently underwent a major redevelopment prior to its grand reopening in August 2015 which saw the launch of the Centre of Ceramic Art (CoCA).
Visit their website

Your offers as a member:
– 5% discount on ceramic purchases in the CoCA shop
– the chance to win tickets to art shows and events at York Art Gallery throughout the year