Julia is an abstract expressive artist, interpreting landscape and emotion through bold intuitive painting. She has always felt a strong personal connection with nature, and this for many years has been the main source of inspiration for her work. Yet the urge to focus on ‘process’ and use paint to express her ‘internal’ world has latterly become intrinsic to her practice. A spontaneous approach in the studio has led to more fluid and abstract compositions, where self-expression dominates and something ‘unexpected’ emerges. Each painting brings something new. A ‘sense’ of landscape or figures may emerge through this process, however this is left open to the imagination of the viewer, who she hopes will find their own resonance within her paintings. For Julia, each painting represents an ‘in the moment’ emotional response, and the finished painting becomes a visual memory of that moment.

Mainly working in oils on canvas or board, Julia is passionate about colour and likes experimenting with different techniques and mediums to create exciting textures and surfaces, into which she will draw, scrape, scratch, and apply energetic brushstrokes of rich colour.