Lyn was born in the UK but her desire was always to travel.

A few years after leaving England a motorbike accident left her unable to walk for a few months. At the time she was living in a small house on a hill on the beautiful island of Paros. She found a box of watercolours in the house and started to paint on whatever surface that came to hand: old cardboard, tree bark… and sometimes even paper. Born out of the need to keep herself occupied, Lyn had discovered a new passion.

Lyn’s first works were still life , animal skulls and scenes of things she saw in and around the house. Since then she never stopped painting and has been doing almost daily for the last 20 years.

Her work is constantly evolving and being refined. Watercolour scenes did not satisfy her desire for deep and rich colours, so she graduated to the acrylics she uses today. It was also around that time that she started to paint abstracts. She occasionally likes working with inks, watercolour, pens and also charcoal which not only provides a break from her usual rich colours but also allows for a focus on details. She now regularly integrates these other media into her paintings.
She left Spain in 2007 to move to Malta where she now works and lives.

She says “I’ve been in and out of love, luck, work, money and countries, but I’ve always been into my art”.