As an American-British artist, Tina identifies very strongly with the British tradition for landscape and seascape painting while still retaining a certain “midwestern” eye for landscape with flat perspective and vast open spaces. She was born in Chicago, moved to Scotland in her early 20’s, and became a British citizen in her 40’s. In London, she studied painting and printmaking privately with an artist in Greenwich. She now works from her studio in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Her paintings are seascapes and skyscapes inspired by the colour and atmosphere of the coast. She paints to create a minimalist experience of that place at that time. Each painting is a real place, filtered through her abstraction. In contrast the drawings are detailed geological forms, started with reference to a site or sample then extended into pleasing pattern and line.

The artworks try aim for an impression of something familiar yet out of reach, landscape with overwhelming sensations of light, space or texture. This, to her, is the new sublime. ‘In modern culture little gives us the same sense of true awe that the historic sublime of paintings of the wilderness and unknown lands had in their day. So instead I take the sea that I see every day and remove traces of us – leaving only potential for interpretation.’