They’ve trusted us, and they don’t regret it…

“I enjoy choosing art for my home but I find that I am liable to change my mind once I get it there! The best thing about going with The Artillery is that you get that wriggle room. If it doesn’t quite work, it doesn’t matter so much, as next month you can replace it with something that might work that bit better!”

Dave, web developer

“Love The Artillery. Wall space challenge is always there but The Artillery provides a new solution and a new way of relating to the collection. If it doesn’t fit or there is an adverse reaction from loved ones (!!!!) then it’s not too late to row back and replace. If it works then it becomes a permanent piece. Liberation for art lovers…”

Nick, independant property consultant

“As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it, but not necessarily permanently. I loved having it displayed in my home and it generated all kinds of conversations, and when the time came for me to swap it, I made a day of it and chose something to take it’s place. Choosing something so big as a big, wall filling conversation piece has simply never been easier.”

Jayne, project executive, on Legs by Ros Garland

“Great stuff!”

Simon, blogger

“It’s the best way to share art!”

Mick, art collector

“What a difference it’s made! The Artillery have chosen absolutely awesome art. The office feels so much warmer and friendlier now!”

Chris, managing director

“We needed something to make our new offices look more professional and personal at the same time. The first collection The Artillery presented to us was THE one. We love it every time we step into our office and never get bored of it! Not only do we love these pieces, but our clients do too!”

Martin, accountant

“We’re excited by what is a very well suited collaboration. We’ve always ended up being a different destination, and this artwork has strenghtened that.”

Adam, owner of a modern food restaurant

“Can I just say how much we enjoyed the exhibition? It was truly refreshing to go to a gallery with children and for them to enjoy the experience so much. They both said it was the highlight of their weekend. They got a lot out of their visit and still use what they saw in the gallery for inspiration in their own drawings and artistic creations. Thank you so much.”

Lindsey, mother of art lovers, on our exhibition ‘Everything Must Go!’ in York in January 2018

“Spent an hour in the exhibition. Walked away with some quality art. Great concept, art leasing is the way forward. Making art accessible. Top marks!”

Jonathan, owner of a hair salon