Curated pieces for your workplace

The presence of art in the workplace is too often underestimated. Several researches, including one study conducted by Dr Craig Knight from Exeter University School of Psychology, have proven that art in the office boosts the productivity and creativity of employees, lowers their stress and increases their wellbeing.

Art in the workplace not only creates a good atmosphere, it also shows your staff you value them as people and not only as ‘human resources’. Art will create communication between staff. A collection or a statement piece can be a great ice breaker and conversation starter. You will soon see that a new dynamic has emerged in your company.

Your employees spend most of their life at work (in the UK we spend an average of 40 hours a week in the office!). Bringing art to them enables some people to have access to art, when they wouldn’t necessarily dare or have the time to visit a gallery. After all, The Artillery is the art collection that comes to you.

How it works

Our hiring scheme allows you to swap your collection regularly, always keeping it interesting and exciting by offering your staff new exhibitions all the time! What a great way to keep the discussion going!





And not to forget art also has an impact on your partners, clients and on your company’s image. Did you know that first impressions are made within just 7 seconds? Well, would you rather welcome your potential partners and clients in an unimpressive blank space? Or impress them with splashes of colours and bold statement pieces?

The art you choose for your workplace reflects your identity, and the values of your company.

And last but not least, hiring or purchasing art for your workplace is tax deductible and can be claimed as ‘office furniture and décor’.

If you don’t believe us, just see what these guys have to say about our services:

“What a difference it’s made! The Artillery have chosen absolutely awesome art. The office feels so much warmer and friendlier now!”

– Chris, managing director of an IT consultancy company

“Thanks to The Artillery our showroom has got a completely new dynamic with beautiful artwork giving so much life to the room! It makes our products look that much classier and high end!”

– Stephen, owner of a bespoke jewellery company

“We needed something to make our new offices look more professional and personal at the same time. The first collection The Artillery presented to us was THE one. We love it every time we step into our office and never get bored of it! Not only do we love these pieces, but our clients do too!”

– Martin, accountant

“The response to the artwork installed by The Artillery in our waiting room has been incredible. Our patients feel more comfortable and relaxed. We can’t believe the difference it’s made. We only wish we had done it sooner!”

– Laura, medical assistant in a private practice