Valentin Sannier

Valentin Sannier is a self taught French painter. He starts drawing from a very young age and develops an interest for the strange and fantastic through comic books and cinema. These themes still inspire him in his work today.

After completing studies in graphic design he enters the École des Beaux Arts (School of Fine Arts) in Besançon, in the East of France. This is where he learns, according to his teacher, that he ‘can not paint’.

Outside school, Valentin also creates some fanzines that he coedits with friends (‘Torture Oculaire’ – Ocular Torture; and ‘La Fraîcheur des cafards’ – The freshness of cockroaches). After graduating in 2012 he decides to start painting again, maybe to prove his teacher wrong. As a fan of TV series he first decides to paint a series of TV characters. The series painted on wood panels is called ‘Icônes Modernes’ (Modern Icons).

He now works on a painted series of dreamlike scenes where strange meets poetry.

Valentin lives and works in Besançon, France.

Jour de pluie


Le Déclin