Bespoke art, for your home or your workplace

At The Artillery, we believe that Art should be what YOU want it to be. So not only can you hire or buy original artwork that have been carefully selected by our curators, but you can also commission bespoke and personal pieces. Anything is possible, and no challenge is too big for us. Whatever your project, we’ll find the perfect artist to match it.

Have a look for yourself at a few projects we’ve done so far, and get in touch to see what we could do for you.

The Rattle Owl

The Rattle Owl is a high end restaurant serving a creative menu based on local ingredients.

When Clarrie, the owner, decided to extend the restaurant to 2 floors of private dining areas, she contacted us to take care of the curation of the place. She wanted to create a very unique and cosy feel that would make her guests welcome. One of the rooms, situated under the roofs, had no space to hang art, so we thought we could create a bespoke piece for the window. This worked a treat, and even hides the not so good looking buildings behind the restaurant. Clever!


Adam and Lovaine opened a successful fine dining restaurant in Sidney. A few years ago they came back to the UK and decided to open a new branch of Arras. They found the perfect location in a Grade II listed building, but wanted to contrast the traditional outside with their contemporary style. That’s where we came in! We commissioned artist Nicolas Dixon to create a colourful and vibrant mural to run along the whole building! The launch night was a success, and Adam and Lovaine certainly seemed to love their monumental bespoke artwork.